DietPi v6.16


Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

DietPi-Config | WiFi: Added support for applying up-to 5 SSIDs:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Samba Mount: Now mounts with user and group of ‘DietPi’. This matches group permissions for DietPi applications that will prevent permission failure, when samba is used for userdata location:

DietPi-Software | Pi-hole: You can now install Pi-hole again on Debian Jessie system, as support got re-enabled with Pi-hole v4.0 FTLDNS update.

Bug Fixes:

General | Resolved an issue where 1st run setup password prompt, would run twice. Once on 1st run and once after updates are completed.

General | Resolved an external issue where in very rare cases WiFi interfaces were not initiated successfully:

DietPi-Config | Sparky SBC: Resolved an issue where Piano DAC firmware was not being fully installed.

DietPi-Config | Resolved an issue with selected WiFi SSID not being correctly applied:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | RockPro64: Resolved an issue where mtdblock devices would show up in the list. As far as well can tell, these are not currently required for EMMC/SD/USB devices. To ensure the list only shows actual devices, we have disabled them from showing up in view:

DietPi-Postboot | Resolved an issue where user scripts were not being executed ‘/var/lib/dietpi/postboot.d/*’.