DietPi v6.14


Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

DietPi-Software | GLOBAL_PW: The global password used by DietPi-Software is now encrypted with AES-256, removed from ‘/boot/dietpi.txt’ and stored securely on rootFS with root:root/700 access only:

DietPi-Software | FreshRSS, a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator, now available for installation. Thanks @msongz for requesting an RSS reader:

DietPi-Software | BruteFIR: Due to low install count (7), we have removed this software from the DietPi database, and, is no longer available for installation.

DietPi-Software | NAA Daemon: Installation updated to 3.5.4-38. Thanks Volpone for the heads up!:

General | ‘/etc/machine-id’ is now unique for each DietPi installation. Regenerated during patch:

Bug Fixes:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved an issue where custom tmpfs and/or bind entries would be removed during script run:

DietPi-Software | NAA Daemon : Resolved an issue where this would fail to progress the installation, due to a whiptail prompt behind G_RUN_CMD.

DietPi-Survey/Bugreport | Resolved an issue with failed uploads, due to Cloudflare:

General | Sparky SBC: Previous patch for RTL8812AU driver support, will be reapplied, as the previous patch did not succeed.

General | Resolved an issue where pre v6.9 images, would roll back the clock during the 1st reboot after updating DietPi:

General | Rock64: Image has been updated to Ayufan 0.7.9. Includes fixes for kernel upgrades via APT: