DietPi_v6.14_NanoPiM2-ARMv7-Stretch not boot

i download this version of DietPi
and boot stop on this message
[ 3.380000] TMU: register adc.2 to hwmon
[ 3.384000] ALSA device list:
[ 3.388000] #0: I2S-ES8316
[ 3.396000] #1: SPDIF-Transciever
[ 3.400000] Freeing init memory: 220K
[ 3.408000] Write protecting the kernel text section c0008000 - c07c8000
[ 3.416000] rodata_test: attempting to write to read-only section:
[ 3.424000] write to read-only section trapped, success

I did not use DietPi at any other time, but it was all good (1.5x version).
Also i see at beginning
DRAM: 256 MiB
but real DRAM 1GiB

Terminal connect to Debug UART only. (9.04 KB)
Can you explain or help me ?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your report. Will check in some hours.

Did your M2 work before with other images? Which SDcard and power supply do you use? Any USB devices connected that might leach too much power?

Thanks for answer.
Yes, previous 1.5x version works fine on NanoPi S2 (and on 2 and 2 Fire).
Current version (v6.14) not boot on all S2/2/2Fire.
( boot and works from SD).

DietPi H3 version work fine on NanoPi Air (from SD and from eMMC).

Power from 3A wall power supply.
I check with SanDisk and Samsung SD cards.
Nothing connect to NanoPi expect Debug UART.