DietPi v6.13


Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | Sparky SBC: Added driver to support RTL8812AU WiFi based chipsets:

DietPi-Globals | G_THREAD_WAIT: Now displays errors for each thread, if they occurred.

DietPi-Config | NTP mirror selection has been reworked. It allows now to add local and external servers and local gateway auto detection:

DietPi-Config | Display Options > Back-light Brightness: Now available for Intel compatible back-light devices.

DietPi-Explorer | Whiptail based, minimal/lightweight file explorer and manager now available for use!

DietPi-Services | You can now include custom services, and, exclude DietPi controlling services known to it. Please see the following file ‘/DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-services_include_exclude’ for more information:

DietPi-Software | A new unified download&install function is implemented, which allows more consistent download and install of software, using /tmp RAMFS as working directory and parallel dependencies installation via G_THREAD.

DietPi-Software | Koel: Installation will now skip webserver, as Koel uses PHP-CLI instead. To not mess with webserver served pages, Koel install directory is moved to “/mnt/dietpi_userdata/koel”, for existing installs as well.

DietPi-Software | Mono: Now installs ‘mono-complete’ by default, required for Mono based applications (eg: Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr/Jackett etc)

DietPi-Software | Lidarr: Now available for installation, automatically download music:

DietPi-Software | Samba Server: Now creates and defaults to the login creds for the ‘dietpi’ user (previously ‘root’). For fresh installations of Samba only:

DietPi-Software | Folding@Home: Now available for installation on x86_64 machines. Folding@home is a distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding, computational drug design, and other types of molecular dynamics. As of today, the project is using the idle resources of personal computers owned by volunteers from all over the world. Thousands of people contribute to the success of this project. Thanks to @nnovaes for bringing this to our attention!

DietPi-Software | XFCE: Added support for shutdown, restart, hibernate and suspend directly from XFCE panel by default. Existing installs will not be touched, but if required simply run: “apt-get -y install upower policykit-1”

DietPi-Software | Pi-hole: Installation code updated to support the latest release (v4). If you want to upgrade your existing installation, we highly recommend existing users who have this installed to: Uninstall Pi-hole via “dietpi-software”, once completed, install Pi-hole again via “dietpi-software”:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Added NFSv3 mount support. Drive manager now detects NFSv3-only server and offers to enter the required server-side path to the shared folder:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Now installs “ntfs-3g” and “hfsplus” on demand, if those file systems are detected. This allows us to ship images without “ntfs-3g” and “hfsplus” preinstalled, which are not required by most users. Those packages will be removed on v6.13 patch as well, if the related file systems are not detected.

DietPi-LetsEncrypt | Added information/warning about HTTPS and HSTS according to web applications with standalone webserver:

DietPi-Cron | /etc/cron.minutely/ is now disabled by default, to reduce cron executions and logs. This is also patched with v6.13, if no script is placed within the folder. Use “dietpi-cron” to enable and configure this feature.

General | All DietPi scripts by default now use /tmp RAMFS to create, download and handle temporary files. By this we speed up especially installations and reduce disk I/O:

General | By default systemd-logind is now masked on DietPi images. This can be changed by setting AUTO_UNMASK_LOGIND=1 within dietpi.txt. As well it will be unmasked automatically, if libpam-systemd was installed during dietpi-software installation: General | “fake-hwclock” is purged now on first run setup and v6.13 patch, if a real hardware clock is available.

Image | NanoPC-T4: Image updated which now includes custom kernel/modules created by @carlosedp. Adds CIFS, docker support and much more. Please note, WiFi scan is intermittent with this kernel, and, may take a few attempts to be successful, however, we believe the additional modules are a higher priority:

Image | RPi: New RPi images will be shipped without “initramfs-tools” preinstalled. The RPi bootloader does no require it and there are alternatives, e.g. “rpi-initramfs-tools” and “tiny-initramfs”. The package can be manually purged on RPi systems, but “kmod” and “udev” need to be marked als manually installed first, so they will never be removed: “apt-mark manual kmod udev && apt-mark auto initramfs-tools && G_AGA”

Bug Fixes:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved an issue where mounting drives with the non-default path, would not re-select the same drive on the next screen.

DietPi-Globals | G_THREAD_WAIT: Resolved an issue with ‘G_THREAD_COUNT’ not being re-init after all threads have finished, causing future threads to have NULL index:

DietPi-Process_Tool | Resolved an issue where values were only being applied to the parent process, and, not all child threads. Many thanks to @antonellocaroli for reporting this issue:

DietPi-Software | WiringPi: Resolved failed installation with RPi.

DietPi-Software | Sonarr: Fixed APT install due to HTTPS error. Reverted to HTTP as of official install instructions. Thanks for report @GulyFMG:

DietPi-Software | qBitTorrent: Resolved an issue with inability to save webUI settings:

DietPi-Software | NZBget: Resolved an issue where application would apply incorrect umask to downloaded data, preventing other programs with allowed access, from accessing it:

DietPi-Software | Plex: Resolved an issue with ARMv8 installations, where an existing install of Mono would cause a failed installation do to package dep issues:

DietPi-Survey | Resolved an issue where a failed connection test would generate an error with UI blocking. As this program is not critical to device operation, the error is now silent without UI blocking:

DietPi-Login | Resolved an issue on Jessie systems, that prevented automated “dietpi-software” execution on first login. This was due to Jessie “pgrep” does not support “-i” argument (ignore cases).

General | Resolved other minor issues related to pgrep “-i” argument not being supported on Jessie.

General | Resolved an issue with recently implemented ramlog storage update from DietPi hourly cron job, thanks for reporting @sergiud:

General | Pine64: Resolved an issue where WiFi module/functionality would not exist after reboot: