DietPi v6.0 (previously v160)

DietPi v6.0

28 January 2018
Important Information:

All DietPi images have been re-created. Existing installations (v159 or lower), can no longer be updated, or supported.
To continue support, users must install the latest v6.0 image.

The XMAS tree has now been taken down, stored away on github history for next year. Hope you all had a good one :smiley:Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | DietPi RPi kernel, now reverted to stock RPi kernel:

General | We have completed much needed backbone work for DietPi, which will allow for improved expansion in source code.
This includes the use of dietpi-globals.

DietPi-Globals | New script which optimizes most used DietPi commands and vars, throughout our scripts.
Also exported to bash session, please type ‘G_’ then press ‘TAB’ to see a full list of options:

General | FHS compliance completed. /etc/dietpi has moved to /var/lib/dietpi. RAMlog store has moved to /var/tmp/dietpi:

General | We have refreshed our terminal messages look & feel, oriented on RPi boot messages, and with process animation:

General | wget: Now set to prefer IPv4 by default (generally faster, can be changed by ‘CONFIG_PREFER_IPVERSION’ in dietpi.txt):

General | APT: Now set to force IPv4 by default (generally faster, can be changed by ‘CONFIG_PREFER_IPVERSION’ in dietpi.txt):

General | SparkySBC: CPU gov default changed to Performance, reports of increased stability.

General | Swapfile generation is now completed during 1st run of dietpi-software (previously boot stage):

General | DietPi-Funtime: Removed from DietPi. Although it looked pretty, it did absolutely nothing (except slow down a program)

DietPi-Automation | All dietpi.txt entries have been renamed and cleaned up.

DietPi-Automation | dietpi.txt: CONFIG_NTP_MODE will now be applied during 1st run of device:

DietPi-Boot | Improved the method of initial FS_partition and FS_expansion during 1st run, via systemD services.
‘fs_force_resize=’ in dietpi.txt is no longer supported:

DietPi-Banner | IP: Will now also list the active network adapter used (eg: eth0/wlan0)

DietPi-Config | Dion Audio LOCO V1/V2: Soundcards added for RPi.

DietPi-Config | Locale: en_GB.UTF-8 is now automatically installed, alongside user selected choice.
Required for DietPi scripts to function.

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Added support for exFAT, many thanks @MichaIng :

DietPi-Globals | Global variables and functions are now exported during login. Please see the sourcecode for more information:

DietPi-Set_Hardware | Sparky SBC: enable aotg.aotg1_speed compatibility setting for USB 1.1, when USB-DAC configured:

DietPi-Set_Software | “pool” directive is now used for NTPD:

DietPi-Software | NAA Daemon: Updated to latest (3.5.2-36). Existing installs will be patched automatically:

DietPi-Software | PHP-FPM: Increased from “$CPU_CORES_TOTAL” to “pm.max_children = $(( $CPU_CORES_TOTAL * 3 ))”.
This should avoid failed forking of PHP-FPM processes/requests :

DietPi-Software | ownCloud/Nextcloud: Added option to choose data directory via dietpi.txt pre installation:

DietPi-Software | ownCloud/Nextcloud: Switch to pretty URLs (without “index.php”) on Apache

**DietPi-Software |**ownCloud/Nextcloud: Automated backup restoring on install and creation und uninstall to ownCloud/Nextcloud data directory

DietPi-Software | ownCloud: Switch to non-package/archive installation. This allows usage of preferred web based updater.

DietPi-Software | Nextcloud: Resolved OPcache admin panel warnings now also on Lighttpd

DietPi-Software | UrBackup: Installation updated to latest version 2.1.20. For new installations only:

DietPi-Software | NodeRed: Corrected user which nodered runs under, now runs as its own user, created during install:

DietPi-Software | SqueezeBox/LMS (Stretch): Installation resolved:

DietPi-Software | MySQL: Completely remove MySQL from DietPi in favour of MariaDB:

DietPi-Software | Ampache: MySQL DB and configs have been updated (adds correct userdata folder for music by default):

run_ntpd | Added support for systemd-timesyncd completion/detection: Fixes:

General | Fixed two systemd error messages during shutdown and boot:

DietPi-Automation | Resolved an issue where AUTO_SETUP_TIMEZONE was not being applied correctly, thanks @k-plan:

DietPi-Automation | dietpi.txt: CONFIG_NTP_MIRROR will now be applied to systemd-timesyncd configuration:

DietPi-Config | Resolved an issue with WiFi Country code, failing to set on some devices:

DietPi-Config | Resolved an issue where disabling IPv6 didn’t have an effect on AMD64 devices:

DietPi-Services | dietpi-wifi-monitor: Is no longer controlled, to prevent WiFi drop during software installs/updates etc:

DietPi-Software | General: MySQL using software titles now have their own database user, instead of accessing as “root”:

DietPi-Software | qBittorrent: Resolved an issue with inability to log into web interface:

DietPi-Software | Resolved an issue where our custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH would cause APT failures. LD_LIBRARY_PATH has now been
reverted, apologies if this effected your system:

DietPi-Software | Resolved an issue where APT installations would fail if services were masked. All known DietPi software services, will
be enabled/unmasked, before installation:

DietPi-Software | WiFi Hotspot (Stretch): Resolved an issue where hostapd would fail to run due to missing libssl1.0.0 lib,
not available in repos:

DietPi-Software | Shairport-sync (Stretch): Resolved an issue where this would fail to install, due to pre-req URLS becomming invalid:

DietPi-Software | Plex Media Server: Resolved uninstall to include /var/lib/plexmediaserver in removal
(which is not completed via apt purge).

DietPi-Software | MariaDB: Resolved an issue where MariaDB would fail to uninstall correctly:

DietPi-Software | Aira2 (Stretch): Resolved installation, now used APT installation:

DietPi-Software | Mosquitto: Resolved various issues with failed install, due to Mosq repo not being maintained
(deb’s missing from repo header list, requires non-stretch available packages). deb’s are now hosted on

DietPi-Software | ownCloud/Nextcloud: Fixed an installation issue on Jessie with MariaDB:

DietPi-Software | Google AIY: Updated install to gitbranch=voicekit. Many thanks to @mpember for the heads up:

DietPi-Software | OpenJDK: Replaces OracleJDK:

DietPi-Update | dietpi.txt is now checked for missing entries, and, will now be patched during the update:

Sparky SBC | Kernel updated, which resolves issues with HQPlayer playback:
Allo Web Interface v5:

Sparky SBC | Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2, native DSD is now added to kernel, many thanks @sudeep:

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