When trying to run this I am getting this error: │ Failed to start systemd-timesyncd.service: Unit systemd-timesyncd.service not found. │

Did you removed the time sync service manually? Or have you done an update from Buster to Bullseye before? Did you install some software that might have removed the time sync service?

I did the bullseye update a few months ago.

Did you followed our upgrade blog? We already noticed that the time sync service would need to be reinstall during upgrade and added it to the software migration section

apt install systemd-timesyncd

I’ll give that a try, I don’t remember seeing that information when I first did this upgrade it was around when that page was first created.

yes, the information to reinstall systemd-timesyncd has been added later on.

all good now, ill keep an eye on that page incase any more things are added.

I don’t expect that much changes in near future as in meantime we should have covered majority of task needed. :sunglasses: