Dietpi-update with concise output?

I’m getting my feet wet with ansible and one thing that I do with it is to update all my machines in one go. One machine runs DietPi, so I instruct it to run dietpi-update and follow up with the APT upgrade module.

A feature of ansible is to detect changes. It does this by detecting if the output has changed. dietpi-update will always give a false positive in that regard. It will always report changes has have happened:

I’m not sure why it does this, I already use /boot/dietpi/dietpi-update 1 to tell it things are non-interactive. Any way to tell dietpi-update to only output concise information, so I can get accurate results?

Okay, it seems to a limitation with the shell command module. I actually have to write an ansible module or write a precise changed_when clause to detect changes.