dietpi-update userdata directory

Hello together,

my old dietpy installatin got broken. I can’t update it anymore via dietpi-update anymore.

 Error: DietPi-Userdata validation                                                           │
   │                                                                                             │
   │ DietPi was unable to verify the existance of the userdata directory                         │
   │ (/mnt/15d0c8c9-f99b-4fdb-b9e7-5a2468670b63/dietpi_userdata).                                │
   │                                                                                             │
   │ Please ensure all previous external drives are connected and functional, before trying      │
   │ again.                                                                                      │
   │                                                                                             │
   │ Unable to continue, exiting.

I did not have anything of value on the userdata folder.

Is there anyway I can just plug in a new storage volume and fix this bug without starting from scratch?
Or is there another way, for example do I really need this volume?

Kind regards


this is not a bug. You had an external device connected in the past where you moved your dietpi_userdata on. This is working as designed as dietpi_userdata is one of the key directories, containing applications data information. Best would be if you are able to re-plug the missing external device.

In worst case, you could remove symbolic link which was created on /mnt and create a new dietpi_userdata directory.