Dietpi-update Automatic Upgrade Failing


I am trying to setup automatic dietpi updates. I came across this thread that talks about enabling it when running dietpi-update however the “Automatic Updates” option is missing for me.

I then tried changing the setting below in /boot/dietpi.txt and rebooting however after a couple of days now the auto update is not happening which i would of expected to be executed by the daily cron.

# Daily check for APT package updates: 0=disable | 1=check only | 2=check and upgrade automatically
# - Upgrade logs can be found at: /var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-update_apt.log

Am i missing some part of setting this up?

Automatic DietPi updates have been removed a while ago, since they may imply software reinstalls, important info, choices and other things users should face interactively.

The setting you found however is for automatic APT package upgrades, which are usually face to apply non-interactively. You can check the mentioned log file about whether and which package upgrades have been applied.


Understood, thanks for clarifying.