Dietpi-Sync Question

I am running a one off Sync moving 6 terabyte’s of media from one drive to another using Dietpi-Sync. Am i required to keep my SHH session active the whole time or can i close it once i start the Sync. I have checked the instructions and there is no mention if you can close the SSH session. TIA

It needs to stay active. Closing an SSH session terminates all child processes. To overcome this issue, you can use GNU/screen:

apt install screen
# Within the screen session

You can then press CTRL+A; D to detach from this screen session and run screen -d -RR to reattach to it. When SSH connection is lost unexpectedly, the screen stays active a well and you can reattach with this command from any other/new SSH or console session. Press CTRL+A; K to kill a screen, which also kills all its child processes.