DietPi - support Odroid N2+

Still waiting on the Odroid N2+ version :wink: Have packed it away :frowning:

What you mean with N2+ version? Our N2 image should now be compatible with N2+ as well.

Don’t you remember the earlier discussion with my N2+ board, which had the constant reboots and I resorted in installing Armbian and then dietpi on top (developer version) and it did run a while but still had issues?
The N2 version did run but had constant freezes/reboots even during installation.

EDIT: it actually was here:

Just took the N2+ out of the box, downloaded the latest N2 image and flashed it on the emmc.
Booted and started dietpi config: after the first dialog and hitting enter it rebooted again.
So, no, the N2 image still has the same issue with random reboots on the N2+

guys I don’t like to be the bad guy but if you like to continue the discussion on the N2, I would go to split the topic into an own one. :wink:


Ah dammit true. Still waiting for some verification, as Meveric seems to run it successfully on his N2+ and some other users report it as well, even before the clock rates were adjusted (N2+ has higher defaults):

As fast as the next kernel update is there, I’ll redo the image from scratch.

I would suggest to post a N2+ image, so that there won’t be any doubts when looking at the image downloads…
Looking forward to it and finally getting the N2+ to work.

It’s a single image only. The kernel package contains both device trees for N2 and N2+ and the /boot/boot.ini invokes the correct one based on hardware info. Two images would only make sense if we had two kernel packages as well.

But the /boot/boot.ini could be changed to use the N2+ device tree in any case, just to rule out an issue with this device detection, not sure if we tried that already?

Just let me know if you want me to download again and retry. Whenever you’re ready. I’m happy to test on my unsused(able) N2+ :wink:

Many thanks for the offer. At least another kernel release is what I’m gonna wait for :slight_smile:.

Don’t forget to chime in…