DietPi support for NSLU2

Hi, I was wondering if there is any support for NSLU2 hardware
It’s a quite old device, but it still rocks

This is the reference:

It had also OpenWRT support and I was using it until some days ago, with a custom distribution named SlugOS

Unfortunately none of the above are still supported.

The CPU is an ARM-compatible Intel XScale IXP420 CPU, it has very few RAM and FLASH, but I was able to run SlugOS from an external USB hard drive.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance and Happy Easter


Well DietPi is not an own operating systems itself. DiePi is a set up scripts on top of a Debian OS base image. So you would need to have a standard Debian (like Armbian, Raspbian or a Debian minimal) running on your system and could try to install DietPi scrips afterwards.

Uhm, so this is probably the dead end.

Debian supported NSLU2 in Debian 9 so I can repack my NSLU2.