dietPi suddenly extremely slow, and services not start


Today i made a reboot, and since then the services not start (transmisson, radarr, sonarr, jackett, etc.)
If i connetct via ssh it needs minutes to establish the connection. If i try to load dietpi-config it needs two minuts to load.

I have raspberry Pi3 B+ with dietpi V6.21

Has anybody an idea what is wrong, or do i need a clear dietpi install?

Can you run htop and see what’s taking up all the resources?

Hey guys, I believe it is due to a current known issue with v6.21. Could you try:

sed -i '/After=/s/[[:blank:]]' /etc/systemd/system/dietpi-postboot.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable dietpi-postboot

This should make services start on boot again.

What is somehow related and might slows down boot is the existence of the plymouth package. Please do:

apt purge mountall
# Check that no packages are purged that you require, before hitting "y", but mountall should be not required by anything, it is not even available in the Debian repo...

Thanks guys!

Meanwhile i replugged my external HDD, and since that everything is ok.

If i will have those experences again, i will try the suggested solution, and i will let you know if it helps or not.