DietPi stop working, ping ok, all other not


I have some problem with Dietpi on NanoPi Neo v1… After a few Days the OS is in an unnormal mode…

  • the Blue Led don´t flash
  • no connect over SSH possible
  • system is reachable over the Network (ping work)

What could be the Problem… I have make images from the SD Card and tested in 2 Hardware Nano Pi Neo, same behavier…
Some times 1 day, other times after 10 days…

  • Dietpi v6.17.12 | NanoPi Neo (armv7l)
  • MySQL DB (From Repo)
  • Zabbix Proxy 3.4 (Self compiled)
    no other software installed

Any suggestions?

either it’s overheating, or the power is not sufficient enough…

make sure you are feeding it over 5vdc to the port thru a good power plug…those cheap USB power warts are not always the best…I make sure mine output 5.2~vdc at the output of the module…then power loss thru the usb cable into microusb won’t be too much.

also make sure you use a good sdcard…some of them say they are good…but budget ones really suck sometimes

I am interested in implementing Zaabix proxy on nanoPi. Did you solve the problem? I am curious whether it is worth going for such an application.