dietpi-software not showing some software

I have a fresh install of DietPi on my Raspberry Pi model B; I was intending to set this up for Plex. However, I Plex does not appear to be listed in the software list anywhere. A manual search also yields no results - all online guides (including DietPi’s) say it should be installable from Optimised Software.

Am I missing something here?

(apologies for the horrible colors)


many thanks for your request. Pls can you execute the following

dietpi-software list |grep plex

Ah, that appears to show the issue:

root@dietpi:~ # dietpi-software list | grep plex
id 42 | =0 | plex media server: web interface media streaming server | disabled for armv6l |
id 146 | =0 | tautulli: monitoring and tracking tool for plex | +git |

Yes it’s disabled due to your platform architecture

disabled for armv6l