Dietpi software gets stuck on welcome message

Tried launching dietpi-software today only to have it stuck on the welcome message. Just used the bug reporting tool.

Dietpi version: 137
System: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (Original Model with 512 MB of RAM)

It’s been running flawlessly only until the last couple updates. Its used primarily as a NAS / Torrent server.

it appears bug report tool also got stuck at:

adding: command_output_8.txt (deflated 71%)

Same problem with Raspberry pi 3. Few days ago it was working fine :slight_smile:

EDIT: i rebooted Raspberry and it loads fine again. So try to reboot you Raspberry too.

I did that many times.

If the system is hanging while compressing a file, most likely PSU failure and/or SD card corruption.

Try running a stress test on the system to check for instability:
dietpi-config > Tools > Stresstest
Use mode 2 (full), and run it for 10-30 minutes.

Which PSU/SD card are you using in the device?

Yeah for some strange reason the SD card has been corrupted. I did a stress test before you even mention it and it hangs there as well. Fortunately SD cards are pretty cheap these days so I am doing a full reinstall on another. Thanks for replying.