Dietpi-software freezes when stopping transmission-daemon


This is an issue I’ve always had with Dietpi, during my numerous installs.

4 times out of 5, when dietpi-software wants to stop programs to install a new when, it will freeze when trying to stop transmission-daemon

Here it completely freeze, all I can do is reboot the pi to try again

Maybe there is a problem of compatibility between my softwares, but it’s something I’ve had even on light and fresh new installs with just transmission and other small things installed.

Is there a way I could get dietpi-software logs ? I could post them here.

Thanks in advance for your help
Have a great day


services are stopped by dietPi-services and not directly by dietpi-software :wink:

basically you could start/stop the transmission-daemon as follow

dietpi-services stop transmission-daemon
dietpi-services start transmission-daemon

or you use systemctl directly because dietPi-services is doing nothing else.

systemctl stop transmission-daemon.service
systemctl start transmission-daemon.service

Futhemore you can have a look to the logs

journalctl -u transmission-daemon.service