dietpi-software does nothing?

Running dietpi-software does nothing, neither does selecting the DietPi-Software option in dietpi-launcher. Can you help in troubleshooting this?

I’m on the latest version of DietPi. It worked fine when I first set the system up a couple of weeks ago.


many thanks on your report. So you enter dietpi-software into command line and nothing happen? No further command line output? It just seems to hang?

Yes, no output and nothing happens. The terminal doesn’t hang though, I can still type in commands:

Same when I launch dietpi-launcher then choose DietPi-Software. The terminal flashes but nothing happens.

when this happened to me a long time ago it was because Dietpi-software had got corrupted, so i just downloaded a copy of the script
from GitHub

only i can’t remember when i was advice to copy it too.

yes indeed that would be my recommendation as well. It seems the file is broken. Therefore simple get a new copy from github.

Sorry, I’m new to Linux. How would I do that? Is it this file?

just do

rm /boot/dietpi/dietpi-software
wget -O /boot/dietpi/dietpi-software

Brilliant! Thanks very much for the help.

Incidentally, I opened dietpi-software in nano before replacing the file: it was blank.

well that’s a good explanation if the file was empty :slight_smile: