what is the purpose of “DietPi-Services”?

Just a convenient way to manage all services? Or is it essential for the OS, for powerdown and booting?

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Just have a look: cat /boot/dietpi/dietpi-services
It’s a script to manage your services. It comes with a kind ouf “GUI” (not a real GUI, but text based menus, which makes it more comfortable to configure everything)
So it’s not essential for the OS. But this is the whole idea behind DietPi, I guess: Make the usage of your SBC (or whatever you use) more easy, with script like that.

There are also some more scripts of this kind:

dietpi-autostart dietpi-drive_manager dietpi-optimal_mtu
dietpi-backup dietpi-explorer dietpi-services
dietpi-banner dietpi-justboom dietpi-software
dietpi-bugreport dietpi-launcher dietpi-survey
dietpi-cleaner dietpi-led_control dietpi-sync
dietpi-cloudshell dietpi-letsencrypt dietpi-update
dietpi-config dietpi-logclear dietpi-vpn
dietpi-cron dietpi-morsecode dietpi-wifidb
dietpi-ddns dietpi-nordvpn

What is the purpose of your question? Any reason why you are asking?

Basically you can use the script to manage your services. We use it as well in some of our scripts to start/stop services.

I wasn´t sure if I should add a service from another server I have installed (fhem Homeserver). Then I was asking myself if its necessary to add the because maybe in regard to do a (dietpi)-backup so that the fhem-services will be stopped during a backup…
Meanwhile I added the an everything works well.
Many thanks to all of you.
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Yes, adding your services is a good idea, if you like to backup your system (to keep it consistent)