DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Stretch.7z 6.13 RPI Image Download Link

Anyone maybe have the download link for DietPI 6.13 for raspberry pi?

I need it cause in that version the dietpi.txt config didn’t dissapear after the first reboot and I need to create a ready made image, where the end user can just change his WIFI credentials and IP.

Thanks in advance

I guess you mean the dietpi-wifi.txt that is removed after first boot and holds the WiFi credentials?

So you want to have images that only apply WiFi credentials from this file on first boot but otherwise skip the usual first run setup? And using dietpi-automation (via dietpi.txt) which automates first run update and dietpi-software installs after first login, is no option?

You could add some script to be run on next boot that re-applies dietpi-wifi.txt, but I would not recommend using an outdated image instead.