DietPi review in Linux Format Magazine!

Hi all,

Linux Format magazine have a review in Issue 233 for DietPi (page 51):

They gave us 9/10!


Wish we could see it in digital form

Nice review! It should be noted that DietPi isn’t just a “server” OS. You can also use it for a barebones emulation or HTPC setup, for example, or even as a regular desktop Linux distro. Just install the desktop environment of your choice.
Of course the biggest advantage is that it’s so minimalist and “opt-in”, rather than installing gigabytes of stuff you’ll most likely never use, without asking you first.

Awesome! Thanks!!!

this article is not really the truth. DietPi is more than that :slight_smile:
Nice Job and Ty

How is it?

Of course reviews focus on certain aspects. Another nice once: