DietPi Releases RSS Feed

Can you please add a RSS Feed for the DietPi Releases?

@StephanStS @MichaIng FYA

Hmm, probably this plugin can be configured to show a feed for releases only.

Here on the forum we’d need to add a releases section which we just dropped to avoid doubled posts/information.

Or we create one manually, adding another step to our release steps :thinking:.

When will this be implemented?

There is no ETA and it’s not on our agenda atm.

The mentioned plugin is indeed the best option: Settings - MkDocs RSS Plugin
Looks simple to setup:

  - rss:
      match_path: "releases/v*/" # match DietPi releases only
      length: 3 # add the three latest releases, otherwise it gets too large?
      abstract_chars_count: -1 # Include all text into the feed directly?

We might need to add some meta tags to the pages, like done in some other cases, like Meta title, description, canonical URL, just test which one is really required. And meta image would be good anyway (shown e.g. when linking on Twitter and Facebook), reusing the release image. Currently the DietPi logo is used as global meta image.

Not a priority from my end now, but I’ll assist anyone who does a start: GitHub - MichaIng/DietPi-Docs: Source repository for the DietPi OS documentation

You’re probably aware of this but if the releases were on the forum it would be easy to have a rss feed and we could comment on the releases to share any issues we had and share solutions.

For everyone else on discourse forums, you can add .rss to the forum url’s and get a rss feed.
For example for the version history category:
it would be

Github seems to use atom but I couldn’t do a feed from the url for the releases Issues · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub
If the releases were added in Releases · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub it is possible to make a rss feed by adding .atom to the url.

That is not very practical. You will quickly lose track of the different topics and it will be difficult to follow them. It is better to open a new topic for each case.

It’s how it is done for the releases at the Manjaro Forum (also Discourse) and it seems to be working for them.
They even have a little poll along with the release asking if anyone had problems or not with the update. Very informative for the user and developers if that update is going smoothly or not.
Not really sure how they deal with lengthy discussions on an issue though… I know as a user there’s an option to resume the topic comments which shows the supposed more important comments and it helps to quickly see what is being talked about.

So I’m aware. It’s more a question whether we want to duplicate forum and docs in this regards, which isn’t optimal.