DietPi Raspberry Pi Zero W Supported?

The Raspberry Pi Zero W (The newest small form Raspberry Pi) does not appear to boot using the latest stock 64-bit image Raspberry Pi image (md5 4ec08dbc27ea2534d939fc9db02c4da2).

On power, the Pi’s green light flashes 7 times, pauses for a moment, then repeats. From what I’ve gathered, usually indicates the absence of kernel.img. (Neither symlink nor cp from dietpi’s kernel8.img to kernel.img tricks it).

Have verified this with three Raspberry Pi boards. All three function using the Raspbian Lite base image. Have also verified across multiple power supplies, USB cables, and with/without HDMI.

Is this expected behavior?

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is an ARMv6 SBC, so it does not support 64-bit ARM, which requires an ARMv8-capable CPU:

Use the 32-bit image :slight_smile:.

Great. Thanks for the response!

Thanks. I was having the same problem of not finding the kernel. Didn’t realise that the Zero was a 32bit device.

Don’t worry having a 32biz only device. There is no real benefit of running 64bit

Onwards to my next problem. Going to find it.

This change to the website should make it clearer:
Please suggest rephrasing, when required :slight_smile:.