DietPi + qBittorent + Jackett


I’ve been going round in circles on this and have come to ask for help please! I had qBittorrent working with Jackett on an old DietPi build. I have just done a new build on same hardware (RPi 3B+) and for the life of me cannot recall how I got Jackett working before. I have Googled around and searched this forum but cannot find a guide :frowning:

The steps I am doing:

1 - In dietpi_software: Install qBittorrent & Jackett
2 - In Search tab of qBittorrent: Click “Search plugins…” button then click “Check for updates” button. As far as I recall a list then appeared of the plugins and they were already enabled, but now nothing is appearing.

Am I missing steps? When I did the old build I had Jackett running in Windows - might that have made a difference?



many thanks for the report. I did a test installation on my RPi3B+ and once used the “check for updates” button, everything is displayed as expected


Thanks for checking. Did you do any setup steps differently to what I described?

ok after some test, I was able to figure out whats missing on your side. You would need to install Python before trying to search for plugins. :wink:

Pls go to dietpi-software and install Python. Once system was rebooted, repeat your steps.

That got it working - many thanks indeed @Joulinar! I have no recollection of installing Python last time, but it was all so new to me at the time that there were 1000 new things. This time I have made good notes!

Thank you again for taking time to do the tests.

I had a another thought - maybe I already had Python installed to enable some other software before, so the Jackett thing just worked. Perhaps it is worth a note in the qBittorrent/Jackett entries on DietPi-Software | Details for ALL installation options pages, which are always my first port of call for config. I don’t know how to make suggestions though.