Dietpi/Plex installation, help please?

Hi guys,

Just installed Dietpi/Plex on the new Pi 4/Hifiberry digi+ aiming to send music thro’ Plex from Pi/Hifiberry digi coaxial to external DAC (Schiit Bifrost) then to the hifi rack.

When I open Plex on Chrome I can listen to the music thro’ laptop’s speaker/headphone and also works on ipad etc.
But I just don’t have audio out from Pi’s 3.5mm jack or Hifiberry’s coaxial at all!

Tried the config output to 3.5mm jack and Hifiberry, none of them work.
What do I need to do to get audio from Pi? Please help, much appreciated.

PLEX is the server (that streams out to other clients), you would have to run the server and a client on your RPi that can send the audio to the output jack

Which means you would have to have a desktop and then be able to VNC in to the desktop on the Server/client RPi to start music that way
There also is a program called PlexAMP that I believe is much lighter weight that the actual Plex client that might help with that as well.

Hope that helps