DietPi Pihole/owncloud/airsonic installation failing to connect to internet after reboot

Hi, I’ve been trying to install Pihole, Owncloud and Airsonic on my Raspberry Pi but I’ve noticed that after rebooting after the installation, the Pi is no longer able to connect to the internet. From within my network, I am able to SSH to the Pi and it is able to communicate with any device within the network but for any outside addresses, it can’t connect to any server. It doesn’t seem to be a DNS issue because I’ve confirmed that my DNS address is not set to the Pi’s address but rather to OpenDNS and I’ve tried pinging but have received no response. I’m installing all software using dietpi-software but since I no longer have any internet access, I can’t uninstall pihole to see if that’s what caused the issue.


if already ping is not working, this has nothing to do with DNS as there is no DNS involved in pinging an IP address.

Do you use any firewall device in your network that could block internet access for your DiePi system?

Make sure that all network settings are correct. IP, mask, gateway, and nameserver. Are you using static settings or DHCP?