Dietpi Pi on Nvidia shield tv with LimboX86

I can run it on LimboX86 on my nvidia shield tv, but the x86 64 generic bios install image is to small to install it full.

Did get true the first install progress, but not further, no space left on installer image.

Any tips on how to expand the installer image to run in the Limbox86 emulator?


LimboX86 boots directly from an .img file?

You can truncate the image file to the desired size then, e.g.
truncate -s 8589934592 DietPi_v6.25_NativePC-BIOS_x86_64.img to make it 8 GB large. On first boot the partition and file system should then be extended to this size. You can as well run the script on the existing image, but to be failsafe I would redownload and do in freshly, just in case any error occurred during first run setup already.