DietPI password manager?

Here’s one for the community.

I want a cloud-based password manager that isn’t in the general cloud because (frankly) I’m paranoid!

Does anyone know of such a thing that can run on DietPi? It seems a simple problem but I’m at a loss to find one - could be that it’s right in my blind spot of course!


Hi marcdraco,

if you are interested in self-hosting most of your services, I recommend to have a look at

You can find there also an archive for password manager:

Greets Michael

Hey thanks Mike!

There are a few there that I wasn’t aware of. I don’t think any of them solve my main problem though (as the Webmaster will know if he keeps extensive logs… :thinking: )

Yesh - I keep forgetting my ***ing password because I have three different OS installs on two computers and a couple of iPads to add into that mix. So, what I really desperately need is something like a Firefox (or similar) extension that will store all my stuff (securely in an ideal world) on my own little server. Hell on ONE of my servers would be good - I have several to split the load across services - all proudly running DietPi (of course.)


EDIT: Perhaps Keeweb would do it (I haven’t tried it yet) but it looks promising. One for a future version of DietPi perhaps?


A really simple method of storing and protecting your passwords:

  • notepad/leafpad > mypasswords.txt
  • compress it with 7zip and password protection. Just don’t forget that password lol :wink:

HAHA!! Yes, I already have something like that Fourdee. :slight_smile:

I meant something like a password sync that worked across different computers. The sort of thing that Apple has with iCloud and Mozilla do with Firefox. I expect the same is true for Google Chrome too.

Thing is I don’t trust these services - Google GMail has just been hacked (user level phishing) so that’s the sort of thing that we should all worry about.

I’d just love a password manager that stored my passwords (logins) on my DietPi server so that I didn’t have to open a file every time I need one. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, and its a god-send, I couldn’t live without it lol :smiley:

Thing is I don’t trust these services - Google GMail has just been hacked (user level phishing) so that’s the sort of thing that we should all worry about.

Yep, unfortunately, that is the drawback of convenience and any Cloud service that stores data. All are prone to hacking. Saying that, anything is prone to hacking, just depends how much of their life the hacker wants to spend on achieving their goal.

I havn’t come across any software that would provide a similar solution off-cloud (at least in a web browser). Although, Googled this, has a “cloud sync” feature:

Dmn… Looks looks like the piece of paper blu-tacked under the desk for now then. :slight_smile:


something like this?

And thanks to @mike175de for his hint.

Yes - exactly like that I think. :slight_smile:

This is why I vanish from the forum from time to time - I forget my password and then have to recover it (again and again). It’s like the butterfly effect. :thinking:

I wonder if @Fourdee would drop it into the next release?

I solved my password management problem using Keepass.
Not sure if it works on Mac, but it works perfectly on Windows and Linux (via mono).
A SBC running DietPi and syncthing, in conjunction with Keepass, allowed me to build my own “Lastpass-like” service.
Keepass also has a great app for Android, and I’m sure there must be one also for iOS.
Everything stays on your development board, and your passwords are crypted and safe. They are not on anyone’s cloud.
Oh, and Keepass is open source software, so it’s pretty safe.

Sweet. Thanks man. I keep coming back to this (and I still haven’t had time to solve it with life getting in the way.