DietPi partially Ukrainian

i’ve been running DietPi in a Synology VM for a while now.
Recently, it’s started answering back in Ukrainian
for example - if I try to run a missing commnad “команду не знайдено”

Terminal Window shows
DietPi v8.19.1 : 19:54 - ср 12.07.23

  • Device model : Virtual Machine (x86_64)
  • LAN IP : (eth0)
  • Freespace (RootFS) : 17G
  • MOTD : DietPi v8.19 has been released. Check out all changes:
    v8.19 July 2023 - Docs

Todays day is cp not we - regional settings are fine

Locale : [uk_UA.UTF-8] │
│ Timezone : [Europe/London] │
│ Keyboard : [gb]

any pointers - i’m au fait with tech, just not linux based



Hmm, I’m actually not sure whether or how it is possible to use the command prompt with non-latin letters. The “locale”, AFAIK, is only relevant for the output of commands, but not for writing commands. With a matching keyboard layout, it is possible to write non-latin letters, but I don’t know how the shell can translate this into commands, which are natively in latin letters.

Do I event understand it correctly that you want to run commands on the shell command line with Ukrainian cyrillic letters?

I type my commands in English

The system replies in Ukrainian

And which command is not working?

The commands are not the problem

The Ukrainian responses are the issue

They are supposed to be English

You would need to set Locale : [C.UTF-8]

ok, why would it change itself? any idea

is the selected
Locale : [uk_UA.UTF-8] │
│ Timezone : [Europe/London] │
│ Keyboard : [gb]

not the correct from the locale settings ( I am in the UK)

Try setting it to C.UTF-8

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set to EN not UK
works great - many thanks for your help