DietPi ownCloud Update-Upgrade


I recently set up an ownCloud server through the convenience of DietPi.
What I’d like to know is what’s the update/upgrade process?
Do you have to update ownCloud manually or does DietPi take over the update process?



many thanks for your request. DietPi will not take care on updating you ownCloud installation. You would need to follow ownCloud Maintenance Guide

Thank you so much for the prompt helpful response.

Basically use the web UI updater from within the ownCloud admin panel. There is also an updater PHP script shipped with ownCloud, but I have to run some tests to see if this works nicely.

That’s interesting.
If it’s a matter of a press of a button on the WEB UI why do they promote such a complicated upgrade process via the command line?
Does the WEB UI updater upgrades to newer versions, for example from 10.0 to 10.5?
Have you tried it yourself?

It has been a while but yes I successfully tested the ownCloud web UI updater multiple times and across multiple versions a while ago. The problem in general with web UI updaters is that it might cause a broken state if the browser connection breaks during the process. I haven’t reviewed the method, just remember that there was some effort to make this more reliable on Nextcloud with a system that saves that current state of the backup that can be resumed then from at any time, even from console. Not sure if/how far ownCloud did similar.

So generally, promoting a manual console method might simply be to limit responsibility and/or addresses larger instances where one generally would not recommend a web UI update anymore, due to the long time it takes.

The updater.phar is probably a good mix that is basically the web UI updater run from console, so no risk that flaky network could break anything. But as said, requires testing :wink:. Will do that now.
EDIT: Found it, the following works:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/updater/application.php

Enter 1 to being the update.

That’s great news!
Thank you so much for updating me. I will have to try it myself soon. :slight_smile:

It really is very strange that they don’t promote this way of upgrade and lead you to a very complicated process instead that will most likely going to break your OC instance anyway.

Thats true but something we cant change from our end. There you would need to open this discussion with ownCloud :wink:

Yes, that’s absolutely understandable. I’d never put the blame on DietPi which has automated a lot of the process anyway making it fool-proof :slight_smile:

At least we can list the possible update methods in our online docs:
Will add them to the new docs as well:

Great stuff! Thank you so much. DietPi rocks and it’s all because of you guys.