DietPi / OPen Media Vault: "#!/bin/sh -l" doesnt work

Hi there,

I installed Open Media Vault on my dietpi system.
For recurring task Open Media Vault provides the oportunity to “plugin” in the cron logic.

The scripts that are genareted by Open Media Vault start with “#!/bin/sh -l” which causes an error during execution:
" /DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-globals: Syntax error: Bad function name".

Leaving ou the"-l" works, but cant be configured within Open Media Vault.

Can someone help me? Whats wrong about “-l” in “#!/bin/sh -l” ?



Thanks for the report.

Officially we do not support OMV with DietPi due to OMV incompatibilities:

EG: Just one example, DietPi-Drive manager can see all non-DietPi added /etc/fstab entries. OMV can not.

Regardless, how did you install OMV on your system (eg: online guide?)

Yes, Online guide. Everything works fine so far. Except the cron jobs generated by omv.
When T replace /bin/sh -l with /bin/sh it works. Thats my workaround for the moment,…

Maybe you could consider re-adding OMV to DietPI software list? Just make a clear statement/warning during instalation about known issues. It would be really great to have it back. I’m sure that many would agree with me.

yup same here
really want to see omv in supported list