DietPi on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 possible?


I would like to try DietPi on WSL 2. Is there an easy way to do that like with Raspberry Pi and Vmware Workstation images?
Is there any steps, guide or information that can help me?

I was thinking of getting Debian from Microsoft Store but don’t know what to do after that?
If I have a choice, I would prefer an easy way to choose that distro with the Microsoft Store or easy to follow steps.



many thanks for your question. I don’t think that this is possible. Best to my knowledge there are limitations on WSL and it’s not a fully function Debian.

Anyway I will linke a guide how you can setup DietPi on top of a Debian base image

Thanks for the information. I played a little bit with WSL 2 on my end. I love it but I would rather use your distro… !

I found something very interesting for DietPi project that might give you a lot of publicity; think about every single Windows 10 computers have an easy way to install DietPi within Microsoft OS! That would be a great way to get more people interested with your amazing project!

According to Microsoft documention you can add a new distro to Microsoft store! I’m not a programmer but if your team find the concept interresting it could give a huge boost to DietPi! Now you can install it on SBC, real computer, Virtual Machine! The only thing missing is the option to install it within Windows 10 because now Microsoft gives the option too!

Why I beleive that DietPi would be the perfect fit : easiest linux distro ever, with Microsoft it would be 2-3 clicks and with the power of DietPi by choosing the apps we want that would be so amazing. Also, with docker built in your menu it gives infinite possibilities with easier install of any apps! People interrested with Linux but were affraid of messing up with system and don’t know or want to deal with virtual machine will have an amazing new option that every single Windows 10 users will find if they go in the Microsoft Store! What an amazing publicity it will do to this amazing project! :slight_smile:


Well DietPi is not an own Operating System or Distribution. DietPi is a bundle of scripts on top of a standard Debian installation. Means you would need a function Debian to get DietPi running. Next to this, DietPi is maintained by a single person and there are already more task than time :slight_smile: Yeah it might be cool but not sure of it will happen on short notice.

Might be easiest to use docker

Install docker, install debian:latest image, then run the dietpi upgrade script in that docker

This is a walkthru/howto to install a debian image into a docker container…it can be tweaked to do what you want

Well crap…couldn’t get docker to completely finish the
apparently the image from image from dockerhub isn’t started with systemd even after I did a apt install of the pre-requisites that made it fail before it even got to that point. fooey

Other that that…the only way is to create a virtual machine and install debian into that…then do the

yep Docker image is not working. But running Windows, you could use as well Hyper-V

Thank you guys for your replys. I’m already using Vmware Workstation 16 Pro with your VMware ready image, which is easier and faster than installing Debian and then your script.

They reason why I would like to try WSL 2 over Vmware is to compare performance from WSL 2 Dockers VS Vmware Virtual Machine performance.

I also try vmware vctl (docker equivalent in vmware 16) but cmd are different and they have limitations so I’ll stick with vmware vm and get SSD for performance improvements. Rpi 3b is nice but not fast enought for some dockers like Piwigo, Urbackup and others. I tried aria2ng which now works by my cpu goes up from 60 to 67 degrees with only 2 downloads with 1 segment which is way too much and we’re talking of a 30 mb connection over ethernet.