DietPi on Raspberry Pi first install not working (correctly at least)

To keep it short:
The system is booting, but the 1st-startup update doesn’t replace the files needed for the setup to continue.
So the /DietPi/ folder is there but all sub-files/directories are missing.

Because the 1st login works just fine (and also the update sequence is working) am I guessing that the setup deletes the files but has a problem during the pasting of the new ones.

The system is booted and accessable - and the “normal” commands like dietpi-* aren’t working.

I can provide logs if needed (but I don’t know where those are located).

Edit: Just to be sure (if it wasn’t clear yet): This is on a fresh install. No changes made.

How long are you waiting after first boot…it needs to expand the file to the entire drive…some times it can take a few minutes before it reboots

Also…try wiping and resizing the drive with SD Formatter to ensure your card isn’t damaged

How long are you waiting after first boot

As long as it needs. I wait till the status led is turned off for 1-2 mins.

try wiping and resizing the drive with SD Formatter

did… didn’t help.

But I installed git and tried to clone the repo to the /DietPi/ folder but it didn’t let me - not enough space
Cloned it to the home folder - no problem.

File system expansion is done at a very early boot stage before login/SSH is possible, so that should not be an issue.

/DietPi is the Ramdisk location, so obviously dietpi-ramdisk.service did not run successfully.

Please check “journalctl” for systemd boot messages. More particularly “systemctl status dietpi-ramdisk” and “cat /var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-ramdisk.log” might give some hints.

Also check “dmesg” for possible hardware/firmware errors.

It seems that the MicroSD I’m using is faulty.
Bought a new one and now its working.

Thanks for the attempts.
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