DietPi on PINE64 LTS

hi, has anyone gotten DietPi running on PINE64 LTS? If yes then was it all smooth and stable? Thanks


Our current image will not work with the LTS version, due to different ARM chip used.

We’d need to create a separate image that supports this device, unfortunately, we don’t have access to one at the moment.

However, you can create a DietPi install on the system using our PREP script:

Typo? Did you mean ‘RAM chip’?

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R18 != A64, different ARM chip.

R18 and A64 are the same chip, it’s just different business units and different markings. The boards need different bootloaders due to different DRAM type, that’s why SoPine (A64 with LPDDDR3) and PineLTS (R18 with LPDDR3) work with the same base image (it’s really just the bootloader that contains DRAM initialization code) but not with those for Pine64 (A64 with DDR3)