DietPi on Odroid N2


When I install DietPi on Odroid N2 via SD Card, it boots but network disconnects intermittently (eg 2 pings pass, 1 ping loss, 3 pings pass, 3 pings loss etc).
When I install DietPi on Odroid N2 via SSD using SPI + PetitBoot everything works ok. No issues what so ever and no ping loss.

I also tried cloning the SSD to SD Card just in case, but once booting from SD Card, issue crops up again.

Using other images on SD Card like HardKernel’s one works fine too.

Any ideas?


Did you try the new beta image?

My system has been installed for months and updated regularly. It is currently using “DietPi v6.28.0”

Is there a way I can upgrade to the new beta version without formatting? Don’t wish to lose the configuration and setup.


I run it on the N2 and I have no network issues. If I were you I’d redownload the image.

there you can find an overview of all new images in status testing as well as stable.

I have no problem running it on the N2.

I have downloaded the (non beta) image multiple times, using different SD Card etc. Always the same result. I think switched to SSD and issues were solved. Now I need to switch back to SD card and am facing the issues again, even if I clone the SSD to SD Card.

I don’t mind upgrading but if I possible I wish to retain all configuration. Is there a direct upgrade path from 6.28 to the beta image?

If not, and re-imaging is the only way, I performed a Dietpi-Backup is that enough? will it restore back just the data or even the image?



I guess there is a misunderstanding what DietPi is. DietPi is not an own Debian destro but it’s a set of scripts on top. Means the underlying Debian destro is the real difference. And switching from one Destro to another is not really possible. DietPi v6.28 is nearly the same on all SBC’s.

So option for you would be to play around and check if the new test image is working on your system or not. If not it would be appreciated if you could report errors on the respective GitHub post.

Yes sure, I will do that.

So, downloaded the BETA image of the Odroid N2 and flashed it to SD Card. The board doesn’t boot. The blue “heartbeat” led stays steady on. Cheers.

Pls can you report this on the GitHub link I posted above! It would help to have all reports for the new images on one place.