Dietpi on Nanopi NEO3 does reboot

I have installed dietpi on my NanoPI NEO3 and the reboot command (sudo reboot now) does not work, the SBC turns off (probably) and does not turn on. To turn it on I have to unplug the power and put it back on.
Any idea?

I think it is due to the wrong device tree, which allows it to boot but might cause such issues: NanoPi NEO3: dtb gone since linux-dtb-current-rockchip64 22.02.1 - Beginners - Armbian Community Forums

Thanks for information. However, how this issue can be solved on NEO3? Any suggestion?

In the link that Michalng posted above, he suggested changing to the rk3328-nanopi-r2-rev00 device tree.
I have done this and with info and overlays in this link:
NEO3 and the nanopi-R2 Device-Tree
my Nanopi NEO3 is now running excellently.

Hope this helps.


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In your link there are a few issues (1/, 2,/, 3/, ect…), but none of these can be related to my problem

I think it will be fixed with next kernel release, probably edge only at first, I’ll keep an eye on it: Rockchip64-current: fix nanoPi NEO 3 DTS makefile by Tonymac32 · Pull Request #3979 · armbian/build · GitHub