DietPi on MacMini M1 - Parallels

Hi all,

I’m a long term DietPi user, but only for PiHole. Thats all my server is set up for.

At the moment I’m using it in a Parallels VM on my old MacMini 2012 Server with an Image I downloaded on this page.

Now that the new Mini is using ARM platform, I will need a new VM setup.

What should I use for? First install Debian (ARM64 I suppose) and convert it using the script?
Or can I use an other image provided on this page?

Thanks for your answers,


does the new ARM based Mac already support virtualisation? If yes, go with a normal Debian installation and run the DietPi PREP script afterwards.

As it is possible to use (ARM) Windows 10 in Parallels on the MacMini M1 I would guess yes, its supporting virtualization.

As said, try to run plan Debian first and if this is working you could install DietPi on top using PREP script