DietPi on Khadas VIM1S s905y4?


I’ve been wondering if anyone was able to run DietPi on Khadas devices. I tried to create a DietPi image on Khadas VIM1S (amlogic s905y4) using dietpi-imager and dietpi-installer, but the system won’t boot.

I was able to create a minimal Debian image that works with VIM1S just fine. Run the dietpi-installer - that went fine also. Everything seems to work until restart.

The VIM1S won’t boot with DietPi image on SD card. Just a blank black screen after powering up the device.

I’m by no means a Linux expert - could anyone point me in the right direction? Or is it just “no go” situation as the DietPi does not officially support this device?

Thank you for your advice.

I have the same question