DietPi - OMX VideoServer

I have a RPi3 running DietPi with OMXWEBGUI (
I am wanting to play a video file to the output of the RPi3’s HDMI port in fullscreen.
This would make it like a video playout channel. I have it installed and it website works. When I play a file nothing shows up on the RPi3 just the prompt to login.


did you tried to set the automatic login option on dietpi-config?

Yes the autologin is working. What doesn’t work is OMX. If I load a couple of videos and then click play the RPi just sits there waiting at a prompt. It’s like it disregards the omxplayer -insertswitches /whateverfilename.mp4 command.

ok I did a test with my RPi3B+ and did not have any issues to play videos on my TV screen.

can you try running the following from command line. Using SSH to login to your RPi should be sufficient. No need to connect a keyboard

omxplayer -p -o hdmi whateverfilename.mp4

what I noticed, sometimes it takes 3-4 click on the web page to start the vid. But it is working. Even without auto login.

BTW the project seems to be archived and not maintained anymore.

Thanks! I got it to work. A restart helps!!! :roll_eyes: