DietPi, OctoPrint on RasPi 3B+ | Installing the RasPi Cam : where to start


I really like the DietPi way of installing a pre-configured environment and packages.
Downloaded the latest DietPi image in August and installed piHole to get the feeling how stuff works.

Got my printer in September and now i’m at the point of running OctoPrint comfortable. But i’m not sure where to start the cam install from. Okay, so i reformated the mSD card and started again. This time only installing Samba and OctoPrint. (I switched SAMBA to proFTP after reading about the CPU / network speed differences)

Most guides start from raspbian, install octoprint and some other tools.

I don’t want to needlessly copy&paste commands, install and uninstall stuff till it works, messing up anything that works fine but maybe isn’t configured to work, yet.

problem #1

So my 3B+ has it’s RasPi Cam v2.1 installed, raspistill works fine but the usual guides enter some IP:8080 stream URL.
Neither of those URLs are working for me.
I read an issue on github reporting lighttpd is the problem. IF that fixes my problem; how do i switch to Nginx or Apache2.

problem #2

I can’t install the time lapse plugin but this isn’t really a problem because of the #1.

Thanks for any help!

In the meantime i will try with a fresh download, image on a second mSD to start fresh. I had OSes corrupting on install before and miraculously work with the 3rd install from the same medium.


Second install, same problems


Okay, so i got the RasPi Cam Web thingy installed, took me 8 hours to figure out how to access the website. How does no one in the wiki and github ask where the configs are … I guess that’s the price to pay in a pre-configured-only system. I know just have to wait to get my running prints (from SD) finished and switch back to OctoPrint.

EDIT#3: the time lapse plugin did install but i got the same error message.

EDIT#4: I now see a picture entering the stream to OctoPrint. It’s not a live picture.
First timelapse did work. Now i need to find my non-standard RPi cameras with adjustable lenses. Or of the 1.x versions. somewhere in a box.

Maybe i figure it out in the next weeks.