DietPi not booting

I saw that DietPi was highly recommended and had a Pinebook version. I created a SD card with Etcher and the Pine64 Installer but neither will boot properly on my Pinebook 14 with the original 1366x768 display and the 64GB eMMC upgrade.

I see the same problem with the Dev Armbian using Kernel 4.19, so far other than the stock OS I have only been able to get Armbian Stable Kernel 3.10 to boot from SD and later install to the eMMC (had to format ext2 for it to work).

Any ideas? I have the serial adapter on order to see if I can catch any messages on the serial console.

Doesn’t the screen show some useful information? Indeed we switched to ARMbian with kernel 4.19 as well. Let’s see if we can debug the issue with your setup and this kernel version. Please also have a look into the armbianEnv.txt if there are any eMMC related settings. I mean the mounted drive is actually the only thing that can be different?