DietPi - NextCloud installation with parameters

I got passionate about DietPi, I am in love with how easy and effective everything is in DietPi. I am in the process of migrating some home services that already are elsewhere to DietPi.

One of these is NextCloud, it would be nice to know if a parameterisation process was considered for each application to be installed (in this case NextCloud) before/during the installation.

For example, when installing NextCloud manually, it is possible to define:

  • Location of the data directory
  • Location of the database directory

and perhaps it would also be nice to be able to set other settings such as:

  • Location of the NextCloud configuration directory

My goal is not to use the SD card of my SBC device to store the data, but to place it on a different device.

Sure, I can do this later, but it will probably take a while to do and it would be difficult if I had to reinstall everything for some reason.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance?

DietPi does provide a way to move the location of User Data see (in particular the section headed ’ Move the location of user data and swap file’: System Configuration - Docs

I am not sure if this will give you everything that you are after though, I am sure others can answer your question in more detail.

Yes, basically 2 options

  1. move whole /mnt/dietpi_userdata to your external disc using dietpi-drive_manager
  2. preconfigure NC data location using /boot/dietpi.txt
# - Optional data directory, default is "/mnt/dietpi_userdata/owncloud_data" respectively "/mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data", applied during install

MariaDB default location is mapped to /mnt/dietpi_userdata. Therefore moving whole user data directory would be an option as well.

which directory you are looking for? Best to my knowledge NC own configuration files are located within /var/www/nextcloud, which would be web server directory.