DietPi_NativePC-UEFI-x86_64-Bookworm_Installer Fails - ERROR: blkdev.list not found

Hi All - brand new-to-DietPi here - and lost in a strange world. Please help :grinning:

I’m trying to run the NativePC Bookworm Installer on Asus Crosshair VII mobo / Ryzen 7 5700X cpu platform. (installer image downloaded 2023-08-15) The process begins OK, but errors on a file-not-found error, as seen below…

Looking into the files on the USB installer stick confirms there is no such file. Is it possible this was left out during the latest build for NativePC platforms ? How can I access a complete, working copy of the installer, to get my project back on track ?

Thanks in advance for help and pointers.

THANKS Guys !!

Figured it out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good Luck to Y’all !!

Do you like to share your solution? There might be other who are interested in this in future :wink:

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seems like he just forgot to put in his hdd/ssd.

Naaaah… that would be “stoopid” not newbie (at least where I’m coming from).

The SSD was formatted as one FAT32 partition when the process noted above was run. Using gparted live USB, I deleted the partition and left the space on target SSD as unallocated.

Then ran the install, using “DietPi_NativePC-UEFI-x86_64-Bullseye_Installer”… that worked.

Onward and Upward !

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