Dietpi, Motioneye, RPiCam Modul3 Noir

Hello everyone,
I use dietpi with motioneye to observe the breeding behaviour of titmice.
For the next breeding season, I got myself a Raspberry Pi 4B with RPiCam Modul3 Noir. I installed dietpi 8.20.1 with motioneye as the operating system. Everything also worked great.
Unfortunately, the new camera (RPiCam Modul3 Noir) is not recognised.
Under Debian 11/Bullseye, the camera works without any problems.
I tried all the settings for the camera in Motioneye, but no picture was delivered.
Is there anyone in the community who can help me here?
Many thanks in advance.

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Stock Debian/Rasbian Bullseye might have kernel modules pre-built or scripted to start/detect cameras

Doing a search found this…not sure it will help

Didn’t help, unfortunately, but thanks for the info.

Hello together,
I tried to visualize the problem.
As you can see, the call via terminal works very well with ibcamera apps. I was also able to call up the devices used in the terminal.

it doesn’t matter whether I use Debian 11/ bullseye or dietpi 8.20. the problem is the same.

Second part of my performances:
If I now start motioneye and configure the camera accordingly, I see no image.
I installed MotioEye.eo according to this homepage: (Installation auf debian · MotionEye.eo)

When the USB camera is connected, I do get a picture.

A notice:
The cameras should show me pictures of the rearing of birds in and outside of a nest box.
I chose the new camera because it has better resolution than the cameras used in the past.
I should have solved the problem by next breeding season.

It would be nice if you could help me with that.

When the problem is solved, I can tell interested people more details about the technique of the nest box.