DietPi + LMS mount Incomprehensible behavior

Hey guys!

I met Dietpi a few weeks ago and I really like it, but I experience an incomprehensible phenomenon.

  1. I installed Dietpi and LMS on a Raspberry Pi 4. I attached the Synolgy Nas Music Folder. Every reason, it works perfectly.

  2. I installed Dietpi on another same raspberry. I also attached the same NFS sharing. When I issue a DF command on this second Pi, it just waits and the first Pi stops the music. I break it with Ctrl+C, and the other starts the music.

So if I attach the shared folder on a second Pi, it’s like grabbing it and only one can access one at a time.
Someone experienced the similar one? Idea what’s wrong? I haven’t experienced this with any Linux so far.

It only do this if both are Raspberrys with DietPi OS. If one of has Raspbian os, then there is no problem.

did you compare mount options between RPi OS and DietPi?

It’s the same in all of them in fstab

theoretically you could try to mount NFS share manually, similar to what you do on RPi OS.

And one more to compare, kernel version as well as NFS client version. Maybe there is a difference

Actually, the question is not why Rpi OS is good, but why the two Dietpi do this.

exactly this to be find out while comparing settings, kernel and software version.

I can’t see RPI OS anymore because it was a test. But I have already realized that if I turn off the LMS on one of the RPIs, it not blocked the drive. So, the LMS do it.

hmm there is basically no magic on how we install LMS. We download a *.deb file from LMS server, install it and add some group rights.

No further configuration done on our end. Did you test 2 parallel LMS installations on RPI OS? Does it behave same?

I was amazed because I hadn’t experienced it yet. I have a working Dietpi + LMS Raspberry Pi and as I listened, I installed another one that uses the same music folder. If I attach the Music Folder on the second and I want to access it with an (for example) ls command, the music will stop on the first, the second will freeze. I can it solve only with a reboot.
(Not really everyday problem, because while I installed and set it up, I turned off the first one. )