dietpi-letsencrypt Auto renew?

Hi all
I’ve configured the ssl using dietpi-letsencrypt on a domain. The ssl certificate renew should be automatically done according to this:
But I received mail about ssl certificate expiring soon… why? How to check / perform the ssl renew?


DietPi creates a cron.monthly job for this:


Logs are generated at:


If you have DietPi-RAMlog mode 1, logs will be cleared every 1 hour.

You can check when cron.monthly will run with:


You can force run a manual renew at any time with. If you run this, check for any errors and paste results please:

/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-letsencrypt 1

Thanks Fourdee! I run your code:

/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-letsencrypt 1

and this is the result (it seems no renewal has been performed yet…why?)

now my certificates expires in 23 April 2017

Looks fine, so in theory the cron.monthly job would succeed when its triggered.

When is your cron.monthly set to trigger?:


And lets confirm the cron job exists:

ls -lha /etc/cron.monthly/dietpi-letsencrypt

Fine thanks, I did as you suggest and into the /etc/cron.monthly/dietpi-letsencrypt that what I see (should be correct)
24-01-2017 08-14-09.jpg
thanks again!


is autorenew gone in DietPi v6.25.3?

I cannot find dietpi-letsencrypt in /etc/cron.monthly/

btw: great work :smiley:

It is a fix part of CertBot so it is applied automatically. It is done not via cron job anymore but via systemd timer.
See: systemctl cat certbot.timer and systemctl cat certbot.service

systemctl list-timers

will show you the active times and when they last fired.

certbot renew

will attempt the renewal manually, but will only renew if it needs it. If there are errors you will see them.

MichaIng baz123

Thank you very much!