Dietpi+Kodi(Kodi dont run)

Hi,installed it on my banana pi m2+ DietPi OS +LXDE+ Kodi,but Kodi doesn’t start,tell me how to fix this? where can I see the logs ? I’m a novice in Linux. thx

According to the dietpi download page re the M2+:

“NB: GPU features are disabled for this board (eg: Kodi, Desktop). Ideal for server usage.”

Kodi works on the Raspberry Pi and Odroid range - XU4 and C2.

I understand it will not work on Kodi on this Board ?
or do I need to re-download the image dietpi from the download page ?

if I understand correctly my babana pim2+ not suitable for use as a multimedia player ? please give the answer

Yes the Banana Pi does not run Kodi as the GPU functions are disabled. The Odroid C2 is outstanding for Kodi having 265 hardware decoding up to 4K resolution - much better than the Raspberry Pi 3.

kodi works babana pi m2+ of armbian but only 15.2 version