Dietpi ISOx86 after installation does not reboot

I already use DIETPI in my RPI 4 and I decided to test the “iso” x86.

Everything is working, but it is not possible to RESTART the system with the common commands: shutdown -r now or reboot.

Has anyone ever owned this problem?



does it give an error message or just simply do nothing?


just simply do nothing…

Collects the system normally and then flashes the courses on the screen. But the reboot doesn’t happen. Very strange.

I have already installed and uninstalled … several times … I have been working with linux for many years and I have never been through anything like it.

the computer is a dell, dd4, ssd, all new

Can you have a look

Do you need any information?


I found on YOUTUBE a specific problem of DEBIAN. I applied it at DEITPI and it returned to normal.


00. Check the Kernel
root @ DietPi: ~ # uname -r

01. Check if in the "sources.list" you have the backports line
root @ DietPi: ~ # cat /etc/apt/sources.list

deb buster-backports main contrib non-free

02. Update
root @ DietPi: ~ # apt update

03. Install the Kernel update
root @ DietPi: ~ # apt -t buster-backports install linux-image-amd64

04. Reboot
root @ DietPi: ~ # reboot

05. Check the Kernel
root @ DietPi: ~ # uname -r

** Back to normal


Good that it is working now. Did you checked kernel version before and after the update? I guess it’s a newer version now installed from backports.

DietPi is not an own OS, is a set of scripts on top of a plain Debian (on x86), therefore installation of kernel from backportsis fine

Yep, all checked kernel version before and after the update, all right. I did make process 3 times.