DietPi generic Intel?

Is there a possibility or would it be possible in the future to install dietpi on an intel i3 htpc

i had a pi3 running with dietpi, it was the perfect setup for me running kodi, mpd, apache, transmission, jdownloader and some other scripts
now i got a zotac CI323 nano running with libreelec, but i would prefer to have a system where i can install additional software. (i know programs like mpd, apache can be installed via addon, but not all of them)

i know dietpi is as the name says for die pi and other little devices, but since there is a VM version i thought maybe it would be possible to get this to work.
dietpi is so lightweight and easy to use i’d prefer it over every other distro, for this sort of thing.

hope this can be done

I think the problem supporting real hardware is the moltitude of device drivers that has to be added. In the VM drivers for the real hardware are managed by vmware.
See also: Iso file for X86 systems ?

Spot on :slight_smile:

If we wanted to create a native x86_64 DietPi image/installation, we would need to support every possible combination of the PC hardware in the last 10 years. Not impossible, but to optimize for and support all those devices, it would be far too many man hours to count.

The reason DietPi works so well, is we target specific devices that have consistent hardware.
As SBC and VM emulated hardware (excluding USB devices) never changes, we know exactly what the hardware capabilities are, what features it has (eg: multiple audio outputs/sourdcards) and the settings and software it needs to function. Then we tweak the hell out of it :slight_smile: