Dietpi functions don't work with root and tab autocomplete also not

I created this topic by purpose in the general discussion category since it’s not my problem, but I’m curious what could cause this.
On a fresh installation on a Zero W, everything works with the user dietpi, but not with root user (no dietpi- functions and no tab for autocomplete).
Any ideas?

What functions are missing explicitly?

He just told me about dietpi-config does not work and didn’t want to investigate further, since it’s working with dietpi user.

I also wonder how he completed the setup after first boot without root user.

some more information on what exactly the issue is and what symptoms he has would be helpful :slight_smile:

New to dietpi here, I read the install instructions on dietpi site, flashed 2 sd cards with the ARMv6 32-bit image in order to install it on a Pi Zero W 1.1 and a Pi Zero V1.3 with a waveshare ETH-USB-HUB-BOX hat for the 1.3 Pi. Installation runs smooth, I get the dietpi login screen and ssh is working on both units. But for some reason I dont get any of the Dietpi-commands to work.

That’s all we have.

Where do you have this from? Any other forum?

Could be this issue DiePi own distribution script - no bash · Issue #5771 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

User should try this

usermod -d /root -s /bin/bash root

Login again and check

It’s from reddit.
I hope the guy is willing to debug :slight_smile:

Nothing to debug. We simply need to create new images. In meantime people can use the workaround to get things working.

workaround: usermod -d /root -s /bin/bash root

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